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There’s a great story behind all successful ventures and it’s no different from Frenz Grocer. It’s founder, Dato’ Siva was inspired by his father, who owned a grocery shop decades ago in a small town at Pahang even before he was born.  The interest and passion run down the blood and Dato’ Siva was eager to venture into grocery business on his own.

He aspired to bring the modern and improvized touch to the retail industry in Malaysia. With 17 years of experience of retail experience working under a larger Multi-national company, Dato’ Siva used all the experience under his belt to transform small stores to a full-fledged service and product store. He wants to add the modern touch to the traditionally run Indian retail stores across the nation.

The name Frenz Grocer was suggested by his best buddy. With his friends strongly behind his idea and giving relentless support- the name Frenz Grocer etched into the heart and the dream has become a reality. Frenz Grocer is determined to be one of its kind stores in Malaysia to provide its customers with a modern and unique service with the most competitive rates.